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Huawei Marine

As a leading provider of transoceanic telecommunications equipment, Huawei Marine delivers cutting edge innovative products, installation and maintenance solutions to telecoms and oil and gas sectors across the globe.

Huawei Marine


Huawei Marine


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Metal Seals

The Project

The Application
Sealing solution for repeaters that connect subsea fibre optic cables. Each repeater requires a sealing solution protect from the external environment and more specifically to block the ingress of hydrogen gas to avoid irrevocable damage to the fibres and other internal cable components.

The Challenges
Seal performance with minimal leakage was highly critical. Having to raise cables for repair or maintenance is a hugely costly process therefore the seals undertook a lengthy and stringent test program under extreme pressure conditions. They had to had to certified to a 25 year service life.

Our Sealing Solution
Bespoke metal seal design with precious metal plating

The Results
The seals passed the test program and are successfully used in the build and production of repeaters used in new subsea fibre optic cable laying projects.



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