Ceetak Ltd granted ISO9001:2015 approval in Quality Management System upgrade

  • Ceetak Ltd granted ISO9001:2015 approval in Quality Management System upgrade


    ISO 9001 is the international Quality Management System standard that ensures organisations can consistently meet the needs of their customers and other relevant stakeholders. ISO 9001 was revised in September 2015, changing to become more compatible with service organisations and non-manufacturing users and there are 4 key concepts when implementing the new system; Organisational context, Leadership, Process Approach and Risk-based thinking.


    We are very pleased to announce that in May 2018, we have upgraded our approval to the 2015 standard.


    Melanie Taylor, Ceetak’s Quality Manager, said; “As with the 2008 standard, the focus is still very much on a process based approach at the centre of the management system. The 2015 revision has incorporated greater emphasis on identifying internal and external issues and how they are relevant to our strategic direction and on leadership from top level management regarding the whole quality management system. Alongside this there is now even greater focus on risk identification and mitigation, and actively seeking opportunities for improvement. Our Quality Management System is, as always, at the heart of our company with all departments working towards the smooth transition to the latest revision and we are pleased to have gained this updated approval as part as our continued growth as an organisation.”


    Andy Cleaver, Managing Director, said; “Here at Ceetak Ltd, quality remains at the forefront of our priorities as an organisation. Quality of our products, and also the systems and processes we adopt in the design and manufacture of them, are the most important factor in ensuring our customers get the exact sealing solution they require in sometimes very stringent and demanding industries. I’m very proud of the whole Ceetak team in achieving the renewal and upgrade of our ISO9001 approval.”


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