Ceetak working in conjunction with Oxis Energy on next generation battery development

  • Ceetak working in conjunction with Oxis Energy on next generation battery development


    Ceetak Ltd is pleased to be working in conjunction with Oxis Energy who will lead the Lithium Sulfur Future Automotive (LiSFAB) development project. The project is funded by Innovate UK and aims to transform electric vehicle technology for commercial applications.


    The objective of the project is to develop a next generation cell and module that is suitable for large electric vehicles (such as trucks and buses) which will deliver a 400 Wh/kg lithium-sulphur cell that will have the significantly improved power and cycle life that is required by large automotive applications.


    Chris Flowers, Project Manager LiSFAB, Oxis, said, “This project is of major importance to the UK’s development of next generation cells and modules for large electric vehicles. The Li-S technology that we are developing in this project will also be applicable to Oxis’s other key markets such as aerospace (including space) and energy storage. The team has a unique skillset covering all of our key development areas. This combined with our motivation will help us drive forward and reach our destination of improved cycle life for large electric vehicles”.


    The role of Ceetak Ltd in the project is to work closely with Oxis Energy to develop crucial pouch sealing technology (from their range of heat sealing technologies) to make a robust cell to meet the requirements of demanding automotive applications.


    Mark Franklin, Ceetak Ltd, said “After previous technology trials with Oxis, we are thrilled to have been approached regarding this exciting new project, and are looking forward to working together with the other consortium members and contribute to the development of this innovative battery technology”.


    Also collaborating on the project is Cranfield University for developing the module, University College London and William Blythe on cell performance and Williams Advanced Engineering on module construction techniques.


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