Chep Pallecon Case Study


Customer Profile

Chep Pallecon Solutions is a leading worldwide provider of Immediate Bulk Container (IBC’s) pooling solution services, specialising in the packaging of bulk liquid products.

Flexsol (est. 1994) is Chep’s liquid liner manufacturing division. They manufacture a range of liners designed specifically to be used with their range of Pallecon liquid IBC’s.

Liners are manufactured in a state of the art, food standard production facility in the UK which fabricates some of the most advanced liner technology in the world.



Different sizes of re-usable and collapsible crates are used for shipping huge volumes of liquids with disposable internal liners to carry the product.

Liner bags are manufactured using a variety of film thicknesses and layers which include: LLDPe, Metpet, EVOH, Nylon, Antiflex and Hot-Fill.

Numerous types of fill and discharge glands and valves are then welded into the film depending on customer requirements.

Sealing Challenge

When the liners are prepared for use, the valves are steam treated to remove bacteria before filling with product.In order to protect the underlying film and valve join from steam damage (and prevent potential leakage of product) a patch of film is applied between the valve and the bag.

Historically, this was achieved by using a piece of self-adhesive backed material cut to size, manually applied by an operative and then visually inspected.

Ceetak was required to provide an alternative method and design for heat sealing technology to accomplish this.

Technology Supplied

Profiled Die Heat (PDH) Sealing System


 Ceetak Solution

Ceetak’s Profiled Die Heat sealing technology is specifically suitable for non-standard shapes, and incorporates highly conductive, small-section dies.

Ceetak’s specialist application engineers conducted site visits and designed a completely bespoke PDH system that was retrofitted onto the customers’ multi million pound liner production machine.

The customer saw immediate benefits from updating their sealing technology including:

  • More efficient sealing process
  • Ability to easily seal up to 3 layers of film
  • Complete assurance of integrity of the seal during the steam process
  • The bag corners were also mitre joined to remove the sharp corners previously present which removed any potential weak spots and therefore any potential leakage paths


The customer now has a completely automated system to create a seal for the film patch and corners.

With no human operator aspect within the process, this efficient system ensures complete reliability and protection of the valve and weld join from steam and heat, which in turn ensures no leakage of product during transportation.

Ceetak continue to work with Chep Pallecon Solutions and have been commissioned to undertake various projects using their welding technology for seams and glands as well as full production line installations.

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