Engineering (Heat Sealing)

Design & Support

Ceetak provide a bespoke design service to enable customers to fulfil their Heat Sealing requirements. With 20 years of heat sealing experience our mechanical and electrical engineers are able to find the most suitable and economical solution for your individual applications.


We are able to design, manufacture and install freestanding, bench top, manual and automated machines that can incorporate validation facilities for temperature and forces applied. Industries supplied to include medical, clean room, frozen food, fresh produce, construction industry products, pet supplies to name a few.


Solutions provided with steel powder coated, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, composite, acrylic as required to suit the users environment and incorporating Human Machine Interfacing (HMI), PLC control, PID digital temperature control, integrated safety control systems, film handling, web forming, winding and cutting.


With our dedicated team of sales, design, service and installation engineers we can provide continued support, service, spares and consumables for our designs and for existing applications from other manufacturers.


Our Design and Application Engineers use the latest 2D and 3D design software to create complete machines and modules down to individual components. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software they are then able to test components for stress, strain and deviation to ensure the design and components are ‘fit for purpose’ and able to withstand forces applied.


When complete the design model can be saved in many different outputs to enable customers to review and approve designs before commencing to manufacturing. We also have the facilities to enter live webcasting and share PC screens to enable discussion and in depth analysis of design models.


Using our CAD software we are able to model your existing machines / assemblies to facilitate modifications and retro fitting of modules and alternative sealing technologies that we have to offer.

Testing & Development

Our in-house test and development facilities include:


Dedicated demonstration and development facility comprising of machines utilising Low Voltage Heating (LVH), Profiled Die Heating (PDH), Continuous Rotary Heating (CRH), Quick Pulse Heating (QPH), Impulse Heating (IPH) and Hot Air Sealing. Simply provide us with some material samples and we can use our range of technologies to find a suitable solution for you.


Vertical Form Fill bagging machine comprising of Ceetak retrofit Quick Pulse Heating jaw system with Thermal regulator cooling to produce ‘cross seal’ and LVH, IPH or Hot Air back seal technologies for demonstration.


Packaging seal integrity and leak detection pressure tank for bubble submersion, altitude simulation and burst testing to enable location of holes smaller than 20 microns.


Tensile strength testing machine to test weld shear strength.


Dye testing of seals for visual leak detection.



Thermal imaging camera.


Contactless CMM for measurement of precision manufactured components.

Our Partners

In conjunction with our own patented technologies of LVH, PDH, CRH and QPH retro fit jaw sets we are the official sole UK distributers for two German based companies; Ropex and TOSS and can offer the following heat sealing supplies from them with competitive pricing and comprehensive technical support:


CIRUS and RES electronic temperature controllers for CIRUS resistive tools and impulse wire heating and accessories including – display temperature controllers, DIN rail controllers (PLC, CAN bus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Ethernet IP interface versions available). CIRUS heat sealing tools, heat sealing bars for use with RESISTON heat sealing band, impulse transformers, line filters, boosters and current transformers.



Bench top and freestanding packaging machines and sealing devices incorporating TOSS PIREG impulse temperature controllers, web forming systems, impulse sealing bars, hot air sealers, continuous sealing device, pneumatics and consumables. With their added experience and technologies as well as our own experience and technologies we are able to find the right solution to customer applications.

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