Integrated metal to rubber sealing solution case study

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Customer Profile

This customer is a leading solutions provider of high performance and severe duty brake, clutch and transmission applications to OEM and aftermarket customers in the mining, construction, military, agricultural, motorsports, industrial and aerospace industries.

Ceetak Solution

A Nitrile 60 shore A compound was selected as it had good chemical resistance against mineral oil, had good low temperature capability and was a cost effective option for the elastomer component.

The rubber was chemically bonded to the steel retainer with Neolite TD-840 which is a preferred bonding agent,

Additionally the steel retainer was zinc passivated to provide a good level of corrosion resistance.


The customer contacted Ceetak regarding a new application for the design and manufacture of a bonded metal to rubber seal to be used within an integrated brake reservoir in a tractor. A brief specification was provided by the customer including temperature and pressure requirements; the seal would be submerged in mineral oil during operation and the metal retainer was to be corrosion resistant.


Sealing Challenges

Ceetak needed to design an effective seal whilst guaranteeing a cohesive bond between the metal retainer and the rubber. Only a very small bonding area was possible as the metal retainer was to be manufactured in the thinnest gauge steel possible.


The customer had minimal surface area room on mating parts and our integrated metal to rubber bonded sealing solution overcame this limitation. The metal part acted as a crush limiter and the rubber beading created the seal and passed all the extensive media, pressure and temperature tests.

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