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Military & Defence

Our seal products are supplied into a variety of Military & Defence applications including Land, Sea and Air equipment.

Market features

ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 approved and manufacturing IATF16949:2016, QS9001 and AS9100 certified

Huge product range for all application conditions

Design & quality control systems ensure our products meet your specification requirements

Broad range of materials developed and accredited and developed for defence applications

About the Military & Defence Market

Similarly to the Aerospace market, products for the Military & Defence market demand innovative and safety critical sealing solutions, and there is an increasing focus on light-weight components with maximum performance features.

The seals we design and manufacture need to be able to perform at higher pressures and higher temperatures; dynamic components must demonstrate low friction characteristics at high velocities in order to provide maximum service life.

Alongside our manufacturing locations we strive to continually develop new products and material formulations for our customer’s ever evolving requirements.

Our product range for the Military & Defence market includes:

·        O-rings & Back-Up rings
·        Extrusions
·        Custom moulded seals and gaskets
·        Overmoulded seals (edge bonded gaskets)
·        Metal seals
·        Spring energised PTFE seals
·        Rotary Seals
·        Bonded washers

We manufacture our seals in a range of polymer compounds and metal materials that meet the certification requirements and approvals required of the industry, including Military Specifications (MIL, MS, AS9100, AN, MOD, ISO14001, ASTM, SAE).

We have extensive experience in designing seals for military vehicles (including suspension and turret systems), naval vessels, radar scanners, connectors, sensors, tactical porting bridging systems, UAV systems and weaponry.

Our application engineers utilise the latest in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to design and replicate seal performance before finalising each individual seal design, incorporating significant feature and critical function elements for integration with customer mating parts. We can offer material development and testing, and a component endurance testing service.


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If you have a technical enquiry, please contact us and one of our application engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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