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Ceetak attends Parker's Key Distributor meeting in Munich

Ceetak participate in Parker's annual Distributor Advisory Council meeting

In October our Managing Director Andy Cleaver and General Sales Manager Matthew Kercher attended Parker Hannifin's annual Distributor Advisory Council (DAC) meeting in Munich, Germany.

The annual meeting brings together Parker and their key European distributors. As well as Parker representatives from both European and US manufacturing divisions, also in attendance were key distributors Tiivistekeskus Finland, Profiltra Netherlands, HD Slippers Italy and Otto Glas Germany.

The meeting allowed all members of the DAC to discuss updates within the Global Distribution Network such as future growth goals, and ongoing market opportunities and challenges we face collectively as official distributors.

Matthew Kercher said, "The annual Distributor Advisory Council meeting is always a fantastic opportunity for all DAC members to sit round a table together and really focus on discussing future objectives and present challenges across a variety of different European business models, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue. It's a really worthwhile networking session for us all."

Thank you Parker for your hospitality this year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

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