O-ring Application Case Study


Customer Profile

This customer specialises in delivering highly complex electronic connectors and interconnection systems for the Aerospace, Defence, Industrial and Rail industries.


Ceetak were contacted regarding the manufacture of a variety of different sized O-rings to be used in mating pairs of electrical connectors. The connectors needed to be coupled and decoupled many times within their service life.

  • Service temperature: -55°C to 125°C static, -10°C to 50°C dynamic
  • Durability: Coupled / decoupled for 2000 mating cycles
  • Surface roughness: 0.8µm max

As this product is used within a military environment, the O-ring material therefore needed to withstand harsh fluids including diesel.

The existing O-ring material was a 70 Shore A high strength silicone.


Ceetak Solution

A Fluorosilicone 60 shore A compound was selected with good chemical resistance across a broad range of media, especially diesel oil. Lubricating Parylene N coating was used to aid insertion of the O-ring.


Sealing Challenge

The customer was experiencing issues during durability testing where the seal was dislodging from its retaining groove during coupling. They also encountered ‘pinching’ during engagement which resulted in the shearing of a strip of rubber from the inside of the O-ring which was causing failures.


The shearing effect observed by the customer on the previous suppliers O-rings was eliminated and Ceetak has provided a sealing solution which can withstand the high number of connection cycles whilst still retaining sealing function.

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