Rotating Spindle Seal Case Study


Customer Profile

A leading UK Supplier of bathroom products and accessories for both domestic and industrial use.


A digital re-circulating valve used to supply continuous hot water at a regulated and designated temperature to showers and taps. This valve is supplied globally and is used at an industrial level; for example in hotels, hospitals and other public places.


Sealing Challenges

The sealing solution required needed to be manufactured in a material suitable for potable water due to industry requirements. The seals were installed within a “cartridge” system and against a rotating spindle system that controlled the open and close function of the valve.

Low running friction and wear was required due to the rotary nature of the application and working pressure was up to 10 bar

Ceetak Solution

A Parker C1 profile seal manufactured in EPDM E8790 material which is KTW, WRAS, NSF, KIWA and FDA Approved.

A tandem sealing design was installed with a grease reservoir between the two seals to ensure the second seal never ran dry. This set-up was to give the customer extra confidence to ensure absolutely no leakage in the unlikely event of the first seal leaking.


The seal system underwent an accelerated 3 month life test that equated to 20 years in service. All tests were passed and the design in now being used in production units.

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