TOSS Industrial Products

Ceetak Ltd is the UK agent for two divisions of TOSS GmbH; the Industrial Products and Pneumatics Divisions.

The Industrial Products division produces and distributes expendable parts for packaging machines, as well as components and units for processing thermoplastic films.

We can offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories for packaging machinery including; impulse heating bands, cutting wires, silicone rubber profiles, Teflon tapes and PTFE fabric products.

As representatives of the Pneumatics Division, we can supply the internationally known range of Toss GmbH pneumatic actuators which were developed from a combination of simple cylinder and anti-friction guideway.

They are used in general mechanical engineering and also in the construction of jigs and fixtures.

Over the years, this business unit has developed a large range of pneumatic cylinders, actuators and pneumatic spares and accessories in order to progress with technologically advancing applications and specifications of packaging machinery.


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