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Engineering is at the heart of everything we do.

Complete seal design service
Decades of engineering expertise
Trusted quality products

Engineering & Design Expertise

Our application engineers utilise years of seal design experience and the latest developments in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to assess each individual customer application and provide a complete seal design service from start to finish. This includes seal geometry and profile choices, material recommendations, and compound development to ensure optimum seal performance.
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Trusted Product Range & Quality Systems

We offer a wide range of core products to ensure we provide our customers with a reliable sealing solution even in the most demanding of applications. In order to maintain the highest levels of product integrity, from design to manufacturing, we are ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, and ISO14001:2015 approved and our global manufacturing facilities are approved to IATF 16949:2016 and AS9100.
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Global Supply & Logistics

Our Logistics Team manage the manufacture, delivery and stock levels of our customer's products to avoid expensive line-stops and keep production lines running smoothly. We ship thousands of products daily to our customer’s national and global locations and control the challenges associated with volume product supply. Our customers count on us to provide their seal requirements in a streamlined, cost-effective process.
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Our Global Supply Presence

With over 45 years experience in designing and supplying sealing solutions across all industries, we pride ourselves on industry-led application engineering, quality focused products and sealing systems, and logistical excellence and value-added services for our customers.

We have a network of key manufacturing locations located globally. Each of our factories specialises in the manufacture of specific product groups, and have individual expertise in material development and market-specific approvals and accreditations.

Our core strength is our exceptional engineering expertise and product knowledge; our Application Engineers and Product Specialists have many years of experience, and we use latest developments in modern design technology to provide our customers with the best possible seal performance at optimum cost.

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