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ESG from Ceetak

Sustainability is an integral part of our company values and strategy. We take our Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities seriously and strive to ensure we make a positive contribution to the future.


How we manage our environmental responsibilities; throughout all of our sites and our global supply chain.

  • Reduce our Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 25% from 2021 baseline year, by 2030
  • Reduce freight emissions by efficient procurement management
  • We are ISO14001 approved across all of our sites
  • 100% Green Energy use across all sites
  • Hybrid working structure for office staff, where appropriate


    How we support our people, develop our culture, maintain our ethical values and monitor our community impact.

    • Provide safe, healthy, clean and fair working conditions to all our employees
    • Encourage diversity, equality and inclusion at all levels of our company
    • Support the wellbeing and mental health of our employees
    • Investment in global projects that positively impact social and economic growth
    • Support our local community through charity work and sponsorship


      How we implement our governance strategy.

      • Comply with all applicable international laws and regulations
      • Protect individual human rights, prevent discrimination, and ensure these ethics are paramount within our supply chain (Code of Conduct)
      • Ensure all of our ethical policies are available to stakeholders, up to date and easy to understand
      • Compliance with GDPR, global industry standards and customer confidentiality and security
      • Accountability, trust and transparency

        Sustainability timeline

        We aim to deliver a sustainable business model by working closely with employees, customers, suppliers in all aspects of sustainability. Here is a summary of what we have achieved so far, and what targets we have for the future.