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About Us

We are more than just an off the shelf seal supplier. Engineering and design is at the heart of our organisation and we provide a complete engineering, design and logistics supply service to our customers around the globe

What we do

No matter how simple or demanding the application, our dedicated team of engineers review each individual customer requirement, and provide a step by step process to provide you with the most effective sealing solution.

We liaise closely with your engineers and use our years of seal design expertise and the latest developments in design technology to resolve your sealing challenges. We select profile and seal geometry, provide material recommendations and new compound development and advise on hardware and sealing system architecture to ensure the optimal performance from our products. 

Once our seals are tested, approved and validated the project is passed from our Engineering and Quality teams to our Sales and Logistics team to handle the ongoing requirements.


We manage the manufacture, delivery and stock levels of our customer's products to avoid expensive line-stops and keep production lines running smoothly.

Our customers have their own dedicated Ceetak representative to handle their day to day requirements and resolve any issues.

We ship thousands of products daily to our customer’s national and global locations, and control the challenges associated with volume product supply.

From inception of a new seal project, through to bulk production parts supply (and everything in between); our customers count on us to handle all their sealing requirements in one streamlined, cost effective process.

Optical Measuring Machine Optical Measuring Machine

Complete supply chain handling

We ship thousands of products daily to our customer’s national and global locations and control the challenges associated with volume product supply. Our customers count on us to provide their seal requirements in a streamlined, cost-effective process.

Engineering expertise

We have the best application engineers in the industry. By utilising years of experience and using the latest developments in 2D/3D design and FEA simulation technology, you can trust our expertise in providing a complete seal design service.

Global manufacturing

Our products are manufactured across a network of key global manufacturing locations. Each factory specialises in product groups and has the expertise in material development, approvals and the required manufacturing processes to meet specific industry accreditations.

Trusted quality products

During our design and manufacturing processes we maintain the highest levels of product integrity. We are ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016 and ISO14001:2015 approved, and our global manufacturing facilities are approved to IATF16949:2016, ISO9001:2015,  AS9100 Rev D and ISO13485:2016

Manufacturing locations

We are in partnership with a global network of manufacturing locations. This unique network allows our design engineers ultimate flexibility when selecting the right manufacturer for each individual seal project.

Each of our factories specialise in the manufacture of product groups in specific materials, and have individual expertise in compound development and market specific approvals and accreditations.

By selecting the most appropriate manufacturer depending on each individual product and application requirement , we ensure our customers receive the most cost effective sealing products with the correct expertise in the industry. We work closely with our factories regarding tool design and production recommendations and maximise processes in cost critical projects. We provide both practical documentation support with customer seal tests, and validation programmes before final product approval.

All our manufacturing partners are approved to ISO9001:2015 and IS014001:2015, and key factories have IATF16949;2016 approvals for critical markets. These characteristically have individual compound and material development laboratories, and extensive testing facilities for product and material development.

We offer products manufactured in cleanroom conditions, established to ISO:14644 standards, specifically for the Life Sciences & Medical market.

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