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Application Focus: Diaphragms for precise control in critical applications.

In applications that require precise and rapid pressure responses, our diaphragms offer an engineered sealing solution for high performance valves and actuators.

Why use Diaphragms?

In valves, actuators, pumps, pressure & flow control, pressure switches/sensors, dispensing, metering, ventilation,and media separation applications - diaphragms can provide excellent sealing results.

Valves and actuators controlling the flow of liquids or gases frequently utilise diaphragms for fast responses to small pressure changes with excellent hysteresis performance.

The sensitivity to signal pressure changes gives reliable valve positioning (with very low hysteresis) and successful sealing in large diameter, high pressure and long stroke applications can all be achieved with the right design.

Large diameter & long stroke engineered diaphragms

With a wide selection of materials (including elastomers, fabric reinforced and thermoplastics) our range of diaphragms are an excellent seal of choice for a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

With varied manufacturing options, we produce diaphragms up to 46” diameter, and our specialist profiles include convoluted, dished and “top hat” designs in both single acting and double acting formats.

Diaphragms 2 Cropped For Blog Diaphragms 2 Cropped For Blog

Are Diaphragms suitable for your application?

Our team of application engineers have years of seal design experience and use the latest developments in technology to assess each individual application and provide a complete seal design service from start to finish.

As well as optimal sealing performance in an application, we can assist with hardware design to provide the most cost-effective sealing package for our customers. Using modelling and specialist FEA technologies to predict the performance of fibre & fabric reinforced materials allows us to optimise the tooling in key areas to produce complex geometries.

Manufactured in a range of materials with industry specific approvals, our diaphragms can be used in applications across many different markets including oil & gas, process control, potable water management, LPG & natural gas, life sciences and food & beverage.

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