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Market Focus: E1244-70 seals in Life Sciences and Medical Applications

Packed with multiple benefits, and recommended for pharmaceutical manufacturing, biopharmaceutical processing and disposable medical devices, E1244-70 is an internally lubricated compound, eliminating the need for an external lubricant.

What is E1244-70?


E1244-70 is a 70 durometer internally lubricated, black EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber) material.

Possessing an internal lubricant, which reduces installation force and dynamic friction, E1244-70 is compatible with all water-soluble chemistries and has excellent resistance to repeated conditions such as steam, gamma, ozone and ethylene oxide sterilization.

Adding external lubricants can be problematic due to the risk of leaking into flow paths and migrating into areas where they are not needed. Additionally, even 'clean' lubricants like USP silicone, which can trap dirt and dust, can compromise patient health. 

Removing the need for an external lubricant by using E1244-70 is clean and safe with no risk of leakage. 


Benefits for Life Sciences and Medical Applications

With a temperature range of -54°C to 121°C (-65 to 250°F), E1244-70 has a low compression set, and is suitable for both dynamic and static seal applications.

Because this material does not need an additional lubricant, it prevents a number of issues associated with non-lubricated seals (for example, mismanagement by not using a lubricant when needed, can lead to friction and heat build-up, resulting in erosion and potential leakage and failure of the application). 

Mini black o-rings


Black O-Rings

Application and use

Fully compliant with USP Class VI biocompatibility and USP cytotoxicity standards (for life sciences applications), the internal lubricant derives from the fatty acid family, which significantly reduces patient reactions, meaning it is safe for medical devices and pharmaceutical applications. In summary, it is suitable for:

• Dynamic applications & difficult installations
• Surgical instruments
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing
• Biopharmaceutical processing
• Disposable medical devices
• Repeated device sterilization

Life Sciences and Medical expertise at Ceetak

We have clean room manufacturing facilities which are Class 7 (10,000) manufacturing and Class 5 (100) inspection, cleaning, and packaging.

Our application engineers utilise the latest in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to design and replicate seal performance before finalising each individual seal design, incorporating significant feature and critical function elements for integration with customer mating parts.

We offer material development and testing, and a component endurance testing service.

If you require support on seal selection, please complete our application form here.

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