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Product Focus: Why use 2-Shot Moulded Seals?

2-shot moulding is a manufacturing process that allows the co-polymerisation of hard (or soft) plastics and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s). We use the 2-Shot manufacturing approach to deliver engineered parts that perform a critical sealing function

What is 2-Shot moulding?

A 2-shot mould is designed with a top and bottom cavity. During the moulding process the first material is injected into the top cavity and the mould opens and rotates. The first material is then injected into the top cavity again, while the second material is injected into the bottom cavity simultaneously. The mould then opens and the parts are ejected from the bottom cavity; the mould rotates again and the whole process is repeated.

2-Shot moulding is not considered a brand new method of manufacturing. In fact it has been used for years to produce items that we see and use every day. Toothbrushes, tools, kitchen utensils and toys are but a few examples of multi-shot moulding being used to produce relatively cheap items in large production quantities.

How do we use 2-Shot moulding?

Previously, manufacturers of high volume metal or plastic- to- rubber component assemblies have processed them via chemical or mechanical bonding, and by using adhesives or over-moulding. Examples of the types of markets that lend themselves to these types of sealing products are Automotive, Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defence.

Although these production methods may achieve the final assembly requirement, the many different processes involved are lengthy, costly, and can be fraught with problem areas that require stringent controls. A failure in any of these areas will result in poor quality parts, therefore often deeming these methods unsuitable for critically engineered components.

Ceetak Samples 4 Cropped For Blog Ceetak Samples 4 Cropped For Blog

Why do we use 2-Shot Moulding?

When designing a new 2-Shot moulded product (or replacing an existing assembly part) our engineers review each application parameter carefully, and utilise years of sealing experience and materials expertise alongside the latest 3D modelling technologies and FEA simulation programs before presenting a seal proposal. This allows us to anticipate and analyse the finest details of mould performance, and means we can adjust our seal design to ensure our customers receive the highest level of performance possible from our engineered 2-Shot seal solution.

The result means we supply our customers with high integrity parts with a powerful molecular bond, reduced production cycle times (as many additional processes are removed from the production line) and comprehensive cost reductions as all parts are produced in a single manufacturing tool (meaning reduced running costs and the removal of pre and post moulding processes).

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2-Shot moulding is not just a way of manufacturing simple, high volume parts. Our application engineers are always breaking norms and pushing design limits to consider more creative ways of producing high performance engineered sealing solutions to meet our customer requirements.


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