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World class manufacturing and logistical excellence

World Class Manufacturing - Our Global Presence

We have a global network of manufacturing locations. This unique manufacturing network allows our design engineers the utmost flexibility when selecting the right manufacturer for each individual seal project.

Each of our factories specialise in the manufacture of certain product groups in specific materials, and have individual expertise in compound development and market specific approvals and accreditations.

We select our most appropriate manufacturer depending on each individual product and application requirement - this ensures that our customers receive the most cost effective sealing products with the correct expertise in the industry.

We work closely with our factories regarding tool design and production recommendations in order to maximise potential from processes in cost critical projects. We provide both practical documentation support with customer seal test and validation programmes before final product approval.

All of our manufacturing facilities have ISO9001:2015 and IS014001:2015 approvals.

Our key factories have IATF16949 and AS9100 approvals for Automotive, Aerospace & Defence and Oil & Gas market products.

These characteristically have individual compound and material development laboratories, and extensive testing facilities for product and material development.

We also have cleanroom manufacturing capabilities established to ISO13485 quality standards for products specifically for the Life Sciences & Medical market.




Global Logistics Service


We are more than just a supplier and shipper of parts. We manage the manufacture, stock levels and delivery of our customers products to keep their production lines running smoothly and avoiding costly line stops.

We provide JIT deliveries to reduce inventory levels and subsequent costs involved, and provide FIFO as standard to ensure highest quality product is received. 

We ship thousands of products daily to our customer’s national and global locations and we control and handle the day to day issues and challenges associated with critical product supply in volume. 

Our dedicated Logistics Team work closely with our customers to streamline the supply process and manage each product. Our services include the development and maintenance of Framework, KanBan and Consignment Stock Holding Agreements. 

For large product portfolios and bulk shipping quantities we are experienced in adopting Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems.

With Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) we manage customer inventory independently based on forecast requirements. Pre-agreed stock levels are maintained through direct regular access to the customer’s storage facility and additional safety stock is held at our own warehouse for unforeseen front end demands. Usage is monitored on an ongoing basis and stock levels are adjusted accordingly to ensure continuous availability.

For Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) our customer requirements and delivery schedules are directly transmitted into our ERP system so manual input is no longer necessary. Shipments are made, safety stocks maintained and production scheduling occurs based on information received via EDI. This increases the efficiency of order processing, makes order scheduling more accurate and eliminates human intervention and error.

Want to Know More?

If you have an enquiry regarding our products please contact us and one of our application engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are an official distributor of Parker Praedifa Engineered Materials Group and have been for over 40 years. 

Alongside our own extensive product knowledge and applications expertise, our unique partnership with Parker allows us the backing of their global network of manufacturing, engineering and customer support resources, giving our customers access to the latest developments in seal technology.

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