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Our Quality Promise

Our dedicated team of Quality Engineers and Quality Inspectors ensure that advanced product quality planning is at the heart of our quality function.

With a problem solving and Six Sigma mind-set, our Quality Team maintains the highest level of product quality assurance through prevention, proactivity and continuous improvement processes rather than waiting to react to claims.

From initial design review through to ongoing serial production we follow strict processes in order to mitigate risk to our customers, and we regularly measure, monitor and review the quality of our production parts and relevant manufacturing processes.

We provide our customers with First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR), Measurement Analysis (MSA), Repeatability & Reproducibility (R&R) studies, CPK & PPK studies, Process FMEA, PPAP completion, Part re-validations.

We perform regular audits at our manufacturing sites to improve processes, check preventative actions are implemented and share data on “lessons learned”.

We insist on monthly performance monitoring and reporting to improve performance and reduce any risk of possible quality issues. Certifications and approvals are monitored to ensure they are up to date and compliant.

We have on site Quality Control inspectors for control of product and to provide immediate part containment, 100% inspection, and to implement recovery and replacement actions. Our Quality Control department can provide 100% visual inspection if required


Our Certification

Download our Quality certificates for your records

Testing & Analysis

We have dedicated laboratory inspection equipment, operated by skilled technicians who support our product and material development. In addition to our non-contact measurement, and high magnification seal inspection tools, our in-house test and inspection facilities include:

•        Fluid compatibility (swell, shrinkage, chemical attack)
•        Tensile strength
•        Specific gravity
•        Surface finish
•        Elongation at break
•        Stress/strain
•        Compression force
•        Flex and shear strength
•        Material hardness to IRHD, Shore A and Micro Shore A
•        Seal friction

We provide testing to certify products against international standards, and we can also provide external laboratory testing for any special customer requirements such as materials/slabs and button testing and material approvals.

Cleanroom Manufacturing for Critical Industries


For critical industries such as the Life Sciences and Medical markets we support with a complete cleanroom production process; from material blank production through to inspection and packaging, using controlled materials within state of the art cleanrooms.

We produce a range of hydraulic, pneumatic and static seals in a variety of fluoroelastomer and perfluoroelastomer materials with certified cleanliness from within a positive pressure, class 100 certified facilities.

Want to Know More?

If you have an enquiry regarding our products please contact us and one of our application engineers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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