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Why the focus on PFAS?

PFAS is a blanket term used to describe Poly- and Per- fluoroalkyl substances. There are currently around 10,000 substances in existence that fit this description, with potentially more variants still yet to be produced. Some are already known to be harmful to human and animal health and the environment (such as PFOA and PFOS), and … Continued

Seals for cryogenic applications

Cryogenic sealing means controlling or sealing a media at very low temperatures. This process can be complex and advanced, and spans a range of markets; from pharmaceutical, chemical and refrigeration, to automotive and electronics.

Seals for electric vehicles

Propelled by one or more electric motors and using energy stored in rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles are quieter, have zero exhaust emissions and lower emissions in general compared to internal combustion engines. The number of electric vehicles on the road grows exponentially every year globally, and our engineers support manufacturers with innovative sealing solutions in these specialist … Continued

Seals for valve applications

Valves are imperative for isolation and control functions, and can be found in a broad range of industries such as Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage and Hydraulics & Pneumatics. We supply seal products into valve applications in a variety of styles including ball, gate, flap, plug, butterfly, spool, check and solenoid … Continued

Seals for Oil & Gas applications

With diverse applications in harsh environments, the Oil & Gas industry presents some of the most challenging demands on engineered sealing solutions. Our collaboration with Parker Seal Group allows us to integrate their materials and sealing expertise to meet our customer demands.

Seals for Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable energy is derived from our planet’s natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, biomass and thermal energy stored in the earth’s crust. With increasing fossil fuel prices, and the very real threat of global warming and climate change to our planet; the development of renewable energy production sources is more important than ever.

Seals for Semiconductor Applications

Semiconductor and electronics manufacturers are facing greater demands for more complex and powerful devices to fulfil applications across all industry segments. High performance seals and ultra high purity elastomer materials are crucial for these critical applications.