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PTFE Seals

PTFE seals are used to enhance friction capabilities, withstand high pressure applications, and extend seal life in applications outside the parameters of elastomeric seal use. We offer a range of PTFE seals in various different profiles for static, dynamic, rotary and reciprocating applications.


Extraordinary chemical resistance and suitable for low and high temperature extremes

Self-lubricating capabilities offer continuous dry running ability in dynamic sealing applications. Low friction and high wear resistance

Huge variety of material combinations; including virgin and filled PTFE compounds

Complete seal design service from experienced application engineers using the latest 2D/3D design and simulation software

Our PTFE lip seals and PTFE cap seals are available for rod, piston, and rotary applications, and can be manufactured in a variety of PTFE and elastomer material combinations depending on each application requirement.

Our seals are available in a variety of different PTFE materials; from Virgin PTFE or including filler combinations of MoS2, glass, carbon, carbon fibre, graphite, and bronze. 

Our standard catalogue PTFE seal sizes are listed for installation in grooves to ISO7425-2, but we can manufacture bespoke sizes and profile designs if required. We can manufacture in sizes ranging from 3mm to 3200 mm in diameter.

Spring energised PTFE seals can be tailored to any existing customer groove geometry and in numerous jacket material and spring energiser material combinations. We use helical, cantilever and canted coil springs with a variety of different load options, and springs are available in corrosion resistant metal alloys including stainless steels, cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy, Inconel®, and Hastelloy®

Alongside PTFE seals, we offer a range of PEEK and UHMWPE seals profiles and PTFE and PEEK back-up rings are available in a variety of materials and designs including solid, split and contoured profiles.

In order to provide optimum sealing performance, our thermoplastic materials can be mixed with fillers to meet the specific requirements of individual applications, and our experience application engineers are available to provide expertise and guidance on this.

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