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Specialist materials for Semiconductor applications

Our Materials

Due to the critical nature of the applications, the Semiconductor industry is one of the most demanding and stringently regulated.

Our collaboration with innovative global semiconductor material specialist ASNA | Applied Seals N.A. Inc. allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products and technical support on seal design, material recommendation, installation techniques and test analysis, specifically for the semiconductor market. Applied Seals fully understands semiconductor market niches, and have developed a range of materials vigilant in accordance with and exceeding these requirements.

As their European partners we offer their portfolio of specialty materials, including their proprietary semiconductor-grade PERFREZ® perfluoroelastomer compounds. These are produced to achieve the most advanced sealing compounds and are ever evolving to continue to meet industry requirements.

Manufacturing facilities are ISO13485:2016 approved and our clean room facilities are Class 7 (10,000) manufacturing and Class 5 (100) inspection, cleaning, & packaging.

Click here for more information on our products and materials for Semiconductor applications.

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