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Why use Push-in-Place gaskets?

Where a seal groove follows an irregular path or profile, a common sealing solution is to design a custom Push-In-Place (PIP) gasket that has the same profile as the centre line of the groove, simply drops into place and is retained by the features of its own design.

Perfluoroelastomers in valves

Is it time to re-visit using perfluoroelastomer seals in your valves? First developed by DuPont™ in the late 1960s, perfluoroelastomers (or FFKMs), are now widely known and understood in a variety of markets. But for those that may be less familiar with these high performance materials, here is a quick recap…

3D printing for seals

3D printing has developed significantly and now performs a crucial role in many applications. 3D printed products vary from fully functional to purely aesthetic applications; with the most common application being for manufacturing. Here we discuss how our engineers use 3D printing to demonstrate a seal concept.