Spring Energised PTFE Seal Case Study


Customer Profile

Customer is a leading global provider of slip ring systems and contactless rotary joints for the reliable transfer of power, electrical signals, bus data and media in a variety of applications.


This particular slip ring was for the radar system of a naval vessel – a rotary joint which allows easy passage of electrical signals and power.
This assembly was exposed constantly and contactable media was seawater, rain and the elements.


Sealing Challenges

The seal required had to protect the electrical components of the slip ring assembly from the elements.
The seal envelope was relatively small and the seal required low breakout friction in order to avoid wear and conserve energy
The lifetime requirement of the seals was 6E + 6 Cycles over a 10 year period.

Ceetak Solution

Our engineers designed a spring energised seal – the profiled being a slightly modified version of Parker Praedifa NLO profile with a low load spring and material formulation offering substantial wear resistant properties.
Slots in the heel of the seal allowed the provision of dowel pins in the hardware to provide stability in application.


The seal performed well and met the life expectancy requirement in combination with low friction and sealing a test pressure of 1 BAR air.

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