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Renewable Energy

The threat of global warming and climate change to our planet is very real, and as a result the development of renewable energy production sources is more important than ever.

Market features

We provide seals for applications solar power, wind power and hydropower

Seals for biomass energy and geothermal energy production

High pressure, high temperature and high velocity applications

Low friction, large diameter environmental seals

About the Renewable Energy Market

Seals are a vital part of the critical function of cylinder, actuator and bearing systems involved in the component build of turbines for both wind and tidal power generation. They are required to provide long term functionality, ensure life cycle requirements and provide durability in harsh environmental conditions, including extreme high and low temperatures.

For rotary applications we offer a range of materials with outstanding friction and wear resistance characteristics. We manufacture large diameter seals for high pressure and high velocity shafts, and any additional components with oscillating or rotating parts.

For hydraulic applications our seals provide leak free operation at high temperatures and pressures, and prevent the ingress of contaminants into critical areas of equipment to ensure service life and minimise maintenance.

We also have a range of sealing solutions suitable for applications within solar energy fields; for example low friction environmental rotary seals for gearbox shafts used for solar panel positioning.

Our engineered products improve application efficiency and extend seal life, therefore reducing costly downtime and maintenance.

Our extensive product range for the Renewable Energy market includes: 

·        Large Diameter O-rings
·        Custom moulded rubber seals and gaskets
·        Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
·        Diaphragms
·        Metal seals
·        Spring energised PTFE seals and PTFE co-axial seals
·        Rotary seals
·        Composite seals (chemical bond or over-moulding) 

Our application engineers utilise the latest in 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software to design and replicate seal performance before finalising each individual seal design, incorporating significant feature and critical function elements for integration with customer mating parts.



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