Perfluoroelastomer Seals

In many industries, the demands on elastomeric sealing compounds are ever increasing. Developments and technological advances in certain manufacturing processes have resulted in the use of highly aggressive media and extreme working temperatures.


These specialist applications often require the use of elastomeric sealing compounds that meet the demands of temperatures in excess of 300°C and also possess excellent chemical resistance. By using perfluoroelastomers the reliability and performance of elastomeric sealing solutions in such critical applications can be maintained.


A perfluoroelastomer possesses the excellent chemical and thermal resistance of thermoplastic material – PTFE. Resistance is maintained due to high levels of fluorine atoms contained in the chemical make-up of the perfluoroelastomer; it has similar percentages to PTFE but with added chemical atoms to maintain flexibility. The result is a highly fluorinated elastomeric compound, with exceptional temperature resistance, compatibility with a whole range of aggressive chemical combinations and outstanding resistance to permanent deformation.

Perfluoroelastomers provide reliable sealing performance at extreme temperatures and in service with aggressive chemicals, with a temperature resistance up to 320°C.


Ceetak’s perfluoroelastomers are available in a range of products including; O-rings, cut and moulded shapes, metal to elastomer bonding, bonded washers and sheet material, and a comprehensive range of material grades are available with characteristics including; low compression set, low out-gassing and Ultra High Purity.


Markets and Typical Applications:
• Chemical Process – Pumps, valves, filters
• Energy, Oil & Gas – Downhole logging tools, corrosion monitoring systems, oil additives, fuel additives, corrosion inhibitors
• Food – Pumps, mixers, filling machines, Steam-In-Place (SIP) systems
• Semiconductor – Wet process including cleaning, rinsing, etching, photolithography, plasma
• Printing – Ink jet print heads
• Paints, Lacquers & Solvents – Spray guns, solvent mixer systems

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Perfluoroelastomers – Combining Resistance with Resilience



PRODUCTS: Vast product range with extensive selection of materials available for all applications, with specialist approvals for critical markets and applications.


ENGINEERING: Application Engineers who are highly skilled and experienced in seal design and material recommendations. Complete design service; from initial enquiry and profile geometry selection, through to tool design for mass production and performance analysis and review.


QUALITY: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, TS16949 and ISO13485 approved manufacturing for quality assured products with supporting processes and documentation to meet customer requirements.

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