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Heat Sealing Focus: ImPulse Heat (IPH) sealing technology

Our team of engineers worked with a leading UK medical device manufacturer who provide state of the art stoma products for patients living with an ostomy.  DOUBLE VALVE!!!

What was the application?

The customer initially required a bespoke test machine for research and development purposes; they wanted to trial our heat sealing technologies with their materials in the development of their products. 

Their products included colostomy and urostomy pouches, in different sizes and with a variety of different features depending on the specification. The materials tested were single layer LDPE, and multi-layer woven, and non-woven materials.

Producing strong, leak proof seals in a variety of materials was the main test objective.

Our Heat Sealing solution

Our engineers designed a free standing, self-contained bespoke machine that incorporated our ImPulse Heat (IPH) sealing technology.

This provided the customer with a cyclic sealing system, and precise temperature control with a full range of adjustments via real °C feedback to +/- 1°C.

Adjustment to the sealing temperature, sealing time,  unique cool temperature feature (water cooling) combined with adjustment to the sealing force offer true potential to optimise the heat seal conditions for the products.

The machine was designed to be adaptable to mount different size and shape heat seal platens for a variety of products.

The additional feature of water cooling in the sealing process contributes to the precise temperature control process and creates a high integrity seal which is critical for the quality of the products.

Following on from successful testing the customer planned to move the technology into the production process.

This bespoke built machine provided our customer with accurate and reliable heat sealing, and as a result - quality medical products with a high standard of finish. 

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