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Spring Energised C-Rings

High load seals with medium spring back, for axial compression.
Spring Energised C-rings are available for internal and external pressure applications.


High pressure capabilities of up 38000 psi and above

Temperature range from cryogenics to 870°C

Multiple material choices for high temperature strength, good spring back, corrosion and fatigue resistance

All plating options available

About Spring Energised C-Rings


· Wide range of standard free heights from 1.58 mm to 12.7 mm
· Internal pressure - Diameters range from 19.05 mm to 3000 mm
· External pressure - Diameters range from 16.51 mm to 3000 mm
· Circular, race-track or other custom shapes available


· Similiar to C-Rings but higher loads for use with rougher mating surfaces
· For internally pressurised joints & for externally pressurised joints to avoid          passage of working fluid into the sealing cavity
· Best choice for non-flat mating surfaces
· For pressure vessel closures; steam generators, gasoline/diesel engine fire        rings, exhaust joints, flanges with a rougher surface finish



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