PTFE Co-axial Seal


Customer Profile

This customer is a leading provider for Subsea engineering and tooling solutions. They are one of the marker leaders in the provision of ROV Intervention products and services to high profile Deepwater Energy, Oil & Gas development projects globally.


Ceetak were contacted to propose a solution to replace the customer’s failing seals. The seals operated in a linear valve override tool. The customer was previously using an L-Seal type profile with PEEK Back-Up ring.

Sealing Operating Conditions:

  • Temperature Range: +20°C to +80°C
  • Pressure: max 10,000psi
  • Fluids: Mineral Oils
  • 400 Cycles
  • Surface speed 0.6mm/sec

The seals were assembled onto an ø118mm piston that strokes horizontally to open and close a valve.


The challenge was to design a bi-directional seal that could withstand high pressures in either direction without damaging the seal. The bearing support was also redesigned to avoid metal to metal contact.

Ceetak Solution

Ceetak designed a seal suitable for the operating conditions. The seal consisted of an O-ring energiser, PTFE compound sealing element, elastomeric X-ring and PEEK Back-Up Ring. The O-ring, along with system pressure, energises the PTFE element whilst the X-ring allows for sealing integrity in both dynamic and static modes.
The PEEK Back-Up ring provides anti-extrusion support when the piston is exposed to high pressure. The PTFE compound has enough durability to resist extrusion when exposed to 2100psi pressure on the reverse stroke.


This solution was tested and approved by the customer and they no longer have leaking or failing seals.

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